Dog Handler Academy Essentials

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With access to our Essentials, you’ll find helpful documents that you can download, customize, and use in your facility.

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NOTE: Dog Handler Academy provides these documents and templates as guidance for use in your facility as you deem appropriate; however, we disclaim and assume no liability or responsibility for any losses or damages arising from the use of the products, techniques or services provided on our website. See our Terms & Conditions.

Documents included:

  • Customizable Operations Manual
  • Customizable Employee Handbook
  • Customizable Emergency Procedures
  • Employee Onboarding:
    – Basic manual quiz
    – Basic manual quiz answers
    – Employee Policy Confirmation statement
    – Sexual Harassment Policy
    – SOP Manuals cover sheet
  • Employee Operations Checklists:
    – Boarding feeding checklist
    – Closing duties checklist
    – Daily cleaning side work checklist
    – Daycare feeding checklist
  • Animal Medical Sheets:
    – Bloat sign
    – Canine cough brochure template
    – Pet care manual illness quiz
    – Pet care manual illness quiz answers


  • Cleaning Information:
    – Cleaning a play group
    – Cleaning mixtures
    – Cleaning the bathroom
    – Washing dishes
    – Cleaning checklist
  • Floor Plans examples (from a real-life, operational dog daycare):
    – Basic floor plan example
    – Fire extinguisher floor plan example
    – Tornado shelter floor plan example
  • Safety Data Sheet examples (from a real-life, operational dog daycare):
    – MSDS Index example
    – Bleach safety data sheet example
    – Hydrogen peroxide safety data sheet example
    – Lysol spray safety data sheet example
    – Vinegar safety data sheet example


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