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Dogmanship 2-Day Workshop 2023: Audit Spot


Saturday, June 3, 2023 and Sunday, June 4, 2023

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

At Dog School of Blaine, Blaine, MN
(11 miles north of downtown Minneapolis; 30 miles from MSP Airport)



Dogmanship 2-Day Workshop

It’s not about methods, it’s about understanding. This new workshop, brought to you by Pack to Basics represents a culmination of the countless hours of dog-to-dog interaction witnessed in the unique Pack to Basics setting combined with 30 years of practical experience solving complex dog behavior problems. Dogmanship is not dog training nor is it behaviorism.  It is as well suited for the average dog owner as it is for the seasoned professional. This workshop will reveal a model of behavior and learning that is simple and at the same time far reaching. With this behavior model, you will learn to unravel many complex issues in a short period of time.  There will be a combination of lecture, video, and hands-on work.

Topics include:

  • The roots and causes of aggression (and how to relieve them) 
  • The truth about the social nature of dogs and how it affect us
  • The secrets of de-stressing an anxious dog
  • Gaining and maintaining trust
  • Non-threatening results based handling
  • Listening with the leash
  • Utilizing constant communication
  • How dogs teach (how dogs learn)
  • Creating compliance by avoiding resistance
  • Creating a cooperative mind (get the mind and the body follows)
  • The most destructive and common myths about dog behavior
  • Using the right tool for the right job 

Who should come? 

Dog trainers will learn new ways to use familiar equipment, and new ways to explain how they’re training to clients and prospective clients.  They will learn practical ways to instruct their clients to increase their success without increasing their homework.  Groomers will learn the secrets of low stress handling allowing happier dogs and faster grooms. Kennel operators will learn how to safely handle all types of difficult dogs while lowering their stress level, gaining employee morale, healthier dogs, and happier clients.  Dog walkers will learn how to effectively and easily reduce leash pulling and reactivity to distractions. Daycare operators will learn how to read body language and understand when (and how) to intervene before there’s a problem.  

Are there hotels near the workshop at the Dog School of Blaine?


Workshop attendees will sign a liability waiver at check-in on the first day of the seminar.


NOTE: Dog Handler Academy provides this workshop in conjunction with Chad Mackin as guidance for use in your facility as you deem appropriate; however, we disclaim and assume no liability or responsibility for any losses or damages arising from the use of the products, techniques or services provided in this workshop. See our Terms & Conditions.